Center of Excellence

A team of experts

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is a team of people that are knowledgeable, promote, share and collaborate on a specific technical focus area.

They follow best practice, and are passionate about the chosen technology. They focus on utilizing the technology to achieve the business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Ideally, and depending on your business needs, a CoE should be made up of several professional disciplines, either as full-time or part-time members.

Today’s successful businesses are as agile as the technology that drives them.

Focus on optimization

Organisations that work with CoE’s are focused on optimising application characteristics such as quality, performance, or availability.

CoE’s provide a management and automation platform for processes, consulting, and support services, as well as leadership and advocacy to help the organisation optimise these attributes.

Building a CoE entails measures that are felt through the whole organisation. In order to succeed you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and strong commitment.

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