At Gapstars, we’ve decided to increase our engagement with Sri Lanka’s budding blockchain industry. Therefore we’ve partnered up with global blockchain giant NEM. Together we’ve developed a unique training programme that aims to train 100 local developers in the use of this revolutionary internet technology over the course of 2018.


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This new initiative is meant to give Sri Lanka a competitive edge compared to some of its regional neighbours while positioning it as a blockchain leader in South Asia. 

The Gapstars – NEM collaboration constitutes the latest step in our drive here at Gapstars to further develop blockchain technology in Sri Lanka. In 2017 we invested $1 million in the Sri Lankan tech sector. We expect this number to increase rapidly in the coming years.

Gapstars plans to invest heavily in the local tech community and the creation of South Asia’s first – Sri Lanka based – R&D centre fully dedicated to blockchain technology. Gapstars is establishing this in partnership with the University of Moratuwa.


Blockchain Platform NEM

Obviously, we’re delighted to be able to work closely with NEM to bring this project to Sri Lanka. NEM is one of the biggest blockchain platforms in the world with a current market cap at around $2 billion.

Additionally, NEM will be introducing its latest peer to peer file storage system in the first quarter of 2018. This system is tightly coupled with the NEM blockchain and opens up a whole new range of industries that require immutable and irreversible data storage of records. Whether it be in text, image or video.

All of this is going to be cutting-edge and good news for Sri Lanka as we start to introduce this technology into the country.


Gapstars and blockchain

So why blockchain? For us, the decision to start using this new technology was a no-brainer once we had several of our Dutch software-as-a-service (SaaS) clients start asking us for blockchain-related services. After we consolidated our blockchain operations in the Netherlands – and expanded into the US – we decided to facilitate the growth of the technology in Asia. 

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