Harver is one of the world’s fastest growing HR-tech companies. They developed software to predict candidates’ future performance. They figured at an early stage it would become very hard to support the large amount of incoming clients with a local engineering department. The reason being they simply would not be able to find enough well-trained developers in the cramped Dutch labor market.

About Harver

  • Happy clients
  • 87% satisfied applicants
  • 90% decrease in time spent per hire
  • HQ: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Located in New York, United States
  • ±70 employees

The challenge

Shorten time-to-market

The digital economy is expanding rapidly and more and more large companies understand the importance of working with fast-paced start-and scale-ups with smart solutions. To grow your clientbase and remain competitive its all about building scalable software with a short time to market. This makes clients happy and gives you an edge over competitors. To make that happen tomorrow, software companies need wellstructured development teams today.


Shortage of great tech talent

The main problem every software company in the Netherlands faces is the shortage of great developers. Currently we need 2000 well-trained software developers per year more than we actually get. In 2016 there were 34,000 vacancies in the IT-sector, while the number of youngsters graduating in the subject was only in the hundreds. Companies with a technical core, like Harver, all have a hard time building up their team.


Exorbitant software developers’ salaries

Back to our mini economics lesson. When supply can’t meet the much higher demand, prices go up. As a result of the exponential growth in the need for developers, costs are on the rise. We have seen steep salary increases in the last few years and hiring good developers is rapidly becoming way too expensive. Who’s really to blame? Most people would “keep an open mind” when they can earn 20% more next year in a new company.


Recruiters hunting down software developers

To make matters worse, recruitment cowboys charge hefty commissions if they supply you with the much needed talent. It’s not uncommon for recruiters to charge at 20 percent or more of a yearly salary for senior positions. That means for senior talent, including recruitment fee, one might end paying up to €70.000 in the first year alone


Thanks to the Sri Lanka team we had fast access and scale to senior engineering, enabling us to deliver on our SaaS and data challenges."

Barend Raaff - CEO Harver

A three pillar solution

The backbone of our Harver strategy was made up of three different pillars. To help them, we came up with different goals per pillar.

We wanted to help on the Executive IT level and by helping there, we wanted to have impact on the Management Team and Organisation.


Executive IT

On this level we wanted to help Harver to:

  • Reduce Time-to-market in their TalentPitch solution
  • Gain strategic capacity for building true Saas solution
  • Keep IT costs under control
  • Faster implementation of clients
  • Open new markets as SaaS rolls out
  • Keeping the CFO happy


Restructured Engineering department

Well-structured onshore / offshore Product & Technology organisation:

  • Netherlands: Automation; Data; SaaS teams.
  • Sri Lanka: Implementations; Integrations; mobile and QA teams.



Highly efficient implementation team, focus on product development in Netherlands and 50% cost-reduction.



Management Team

To keep the management team happy, we needed to focus on the following areas:

  • Clients demanding rapid deployment time
  • Proactively identify performance issues before business impact
  • Translate upsell opportunities in real solutions
  • Teams aligned and working on the right things at the right time
  • Increase revenue


Resource flexibility

With an office in the Gapstars community, Harver enjoys higher flexibility in upscaling and their team. Management now has the infrastructure it need to service clients in a better way and satisfy stakeholder demands.



Happy stakeholders: from clients to investors and the ability to focus on continuous growth.



Last but not least we wanted to have impact on organisational level as well:

  • Make clients happy: Customer success
  • Grow in a sustainable way and keep organisational culture in check
  • Improved NPS and service level
  • Retain employees and attract great talent to continue growth


Sustainable growth

Because the teams in Sri Lanka are a dedicated extension of the Harver organisation in the Netherlands, developers understand the companies’ product roadmap, specific client cases and experience personal growth together with the team members in other countries.



  • Happy clients
  • Happy employees
  • Build-up knowledge
  • Organisational culture in check

Continuous Improvement

During our connect workshop we zoomed into the Harver DNA, the structure of its engineering department and their product roadmap. With our new found knowledge we reached out to our community in Sri Lanka to find the right people to build Harver’s first offshore development team. Soon we found the first three tech-heroes that would form the core of the Harver office in Sri Lanka.

By flying developers and managers back-and-forth between Amsterdam and Colombo on a regular basis, we quickly managed to make the Sri Lanka team an integral part of the Harver organisation.

As the Harver journey continuous and investments keep coming in, the team in Sri Lanka is expanding rapidly. Currently Harver has 13 developers divided into four teams: Implementation, Integrations, Mobile and QA.


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