Our story

The new reality

The world is changing faster than ever and offers new opportunities for those who embrace change. The biggest risk now is not to adapt your organisation to the new reality. To stay ahead of your competitors tomorrow, you need to challenge yourself today.

At Gapstars we help flexible and forward-looking organisations to work more efficient with an Agile Center of Excellence so that their clients have all the more reason to do business with them. Innovative companies want to include more software in their services and drastically shorten their time-to-market.

We are moving towards a world in which the core activities of every company will be build around a software component.

In order to facilitate this you need highly skilled people, both in strategy and software development.

These people can be hard to find, because of the enormous demand and the relatively small availability of specific skillsets. As a result, many companies are actively looking across the border to find the right people to fuel their growth.

“At Gapstars we understand that our services are not about making our clients happy. It’s all about making our client’s clients happy.”

Why Gapstars?

1. Shorter time-to-market.

With a Center of Excellence in Sri Lanka, our clients are able to build high quality software in a shorter time frame. Clients love it.

2. Flexibility in capacity.

With an office in the Gapstars community, our clients enjoy higher flexibility in upscaling their team. Investors love it.

3. Developers Journey.

We design a customized plan for your team of developers that allows your people and team to grow in a sustainable way. Developers love it.

4. We are cool.

Its as simple as that. Talented developers in Sri Lanka want to work for our clients because the Gapstars community is regarded as a cool place to be. Girls love it.

Our vision

We believe the only way to expand your activities across the national border is by truly committing yourself, your people and resources to your new market.

We found that Sri Lanka is the perfect place to find the talent you need to get your organisation to the next level. We have been in Sri Lanka long enough to understand the differences in culture, communication and skillset.

As a result we have become the partner of choice for companies that truly want to grow their IT team and professionalize their organisation in a new way.